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Lab-Scale Fluid Bed Granulator


  • Equipment for process and product development
  • Batch and continuous operation aviable
  • Top-Spray and Bottom-Spray
  • Dust explosion proof design aviable
  • Flow rate of process air up to 300 m3/h
  • Gas inlet temperature up to 250 °C
  • Several process chambers
  • Innovative process control (SIEMENS S7) with recipe feature
Pergande laboratory fluidized bed in explosion-proof design

Detailed description

The Pergande lab-scale fluidized bed granulation system is a mobile lab-scale equipment for product and process development for scientific and industrial applications. This system is used for following processes

  • Spray granulation of suspensions, solutions and emulsions
  • Coating, encapsulation and agglomeration
  • Drying and thermal treatment

The system is offered with process chamber PWS I for quantities up to 5 kg per batch and process chamber PWS II for quantities up to 20 kg per batch.

The system can be operated in batch and continuous mode.

The equipment is fully designed according to dust explosion ATEX regulations. Sources of ignitions are completely avoided, so that a dust explosion is very unlikely. However, in case of an explosion a flameless pressure relief system and quick action valves protect the equipment and the environment against the explosion wave.

The functional design of the system allows easy and intuitive operation. A special release mechanism allows an easy opening and fast change of process chamber. Opening of the process chamber and emptying is possible in less than 1 minute.

The system is equipped with a unique bypass system in the process air. This system allows the opening of the processing space for filling or emptying of products without shutting down the blower and the heating system. This feature simplifies the operation of the system significantly.

The process air is heated by means of an innovative temperature control system. This control system, which bases on a combined heating and mixing process, ensures a reliable temperature control without overshooting of temperature and rapid cooling process.

A touch screen SIEMENS system is used for the process control. The system is easy to use, provides process charts, trend function for all process parameters. Moreover a programmable recipe option allows the operator to study different granulation processes in an easy way.

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3D development of Pergande laboratory fluidized bed in explosion-proof design

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